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October 22 2018

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Pop-Culture Tours

Activity Information

Oahu: FIVE-0 & LOST Combo Excursion (Full-Day Pop-Culture Tour)

Make a day discovering the "island" from the perspective of two highly successful tv shows produced entirely on Oahu. Combine your pop-culture experience... and you will explore a significant portion of the island of Oahu. Traveling between Makapu'u- the eastern most point and Ka'ena point- the western most point of the island. Guide and guests will discover everything in between the furthest island points including the Pali cliffs of windward Oahu to the scenic rocky south shore coastline. This excursion will be an amazing journey that you will likely not forget.

LOST T.V. Show Adventure:

Trace the steps of your favorite castaways from the hit TV Show, from take-off in "Sydney" to "The Island" landing and beyond. Much like the series, you'll find the places you'll explore aren't always what they appear to be. Find yourself waking-up in a bamboo forest, to wondering out on a secluded beach; discovering a hidden rainforest, to stream crossings above waterfalls; and, explore an 'Other' compound facility, all this with a few surprises along the way!

During your LOST trek guide and guests will explore areas of the city of Honolulu, focusing on characters histories both on and off-Island, including an urban rain forest. Then you'll travel out from the city to Oahu's famous North Shore to see the natural aspects of the island's vast Eco-systems. You will trek through dry-arid desert-like areas to thick green-lush rain forests, from rocky coastline to mountainous terrain.

Highlights of this tour include not only magnificent views of Oahu's north shore coastline, a gentle hike through verdant tropical rain forests, including a fresh water waterfall and visit the location featured in the 'Lighthouse' episode, including the entrance to the “Cave" and bamboo forest featured in both the first and Final Season.

"LOST" tour stops featured from the T.V. Show, some of which include:

• Bamboo Forest - Jack wakes-up after plane crash (rainforest stop)

• Crash site beach (beach stop)

• Banyan Tree - Kate hides from 'Smoke Monster'

• Other's Compound, a.k.a., Dharmaville *

• Entrance to the Cave as seen in the Final Season “Lighthouse” (rainforest, stream and waterfall stop)

• England Scenes including London, Cambridge University

• Church ‘Gathering Place’ featured in Series Finale

• And, a couple of other surprises along the way, including a complimentary Dessert at a diner where one of the characters from the show pays a visit

* = Separate Park Access Fee associated with stop, paid individually, if wish to visit and access site. Not applicable for Luxury Charters.

After we conclude our adventure on "The Island" - and before we begin the "Five-0" portion of our days activity - we suggest a planned non-host Lunch stop at a former LOST star's (Daniel Dae Kim) restaurant; a gourmet hamburger diner to include your choice of meat, fish, and veggie selections are available.

Hawaii 5-O T.V. Show Experience:

On this unique "Five-0" excursion, guide and guests will focus on the stunning scenic contrasts between windward Oahu's eastern and metropolitan Honolulu's south-facing shores, as featured throughout most episodes of the hit t.v. show.

Together guests and guide will visit and stop at five different beaches on the south- and east-facing shores of Oahu, a remote rainforest waterfall and stream area, as well as the famous "Five-O" Headquarters. All tour stops, such as beach locations, rainforest and coastal areas or city, highways and streets are all featured from the pop-culture phenomenon Hawaii Five-O television show.

"Hawaii Five-0" tour stops featured from the T.V. Show, some of which include:

• McGarrett House

• Hostage Release (rainforest stop)

• Abduction from a Paddleboard Championship (beach stop)

• Art heist chase (urban roadway)

• Coastal Journey as seen in Series (coastal stop)

• Kono asks Catherine for a Favor (beach stop)

• Film Studios

• Special Task Force "Five-0" Headquarters (individual stop for location featured from reboot and original series)

• Interior of Task Force for a Hostage Takeover (interior stop; not available on weekends, state and federal holiday's)

• Courtroom scene (interior set stop; not available on weekends, state and federal holiday's)

• Amber alert chase urban roadway)

• Road side Suicide (urban roadway)

• Surf-day presented by the Mauli Ola Foundation beach stop)

• Sumu Smash'em Challenge (beach stop)

• And, other surprises along the way

As on our other "LOST" and "Hawaii Five-0" tours, many of the locations we visit are settings of natural beauty or cultural and historical significance, in addition to playing a background role in the series, making this a pleasant and informative tour for fans and non-fans alike.

To make your trip a special, one-of-a-kind experience, you will be allotted time to sit-down for a non-host lunch at one of the locations, as well as views of rugged coastline, strolls within lush rainforest areas, and exploration of the island in the way the "Others" may see it! We also offer an exclusive luxury private tour for small groups, so you can share your experience (and conspiracy theories) without "Others" or those without special investigative experience listening in.


• Round-trip transportation from select areas within the Waikiki Resort area for a Semi-Private tour.

• A Private Charter activity includes round-trip transportation from the Waikiki Resort area and select areas on the island of Oahu, e.g., Kahala Resort, Ko'olina Resort area including Disney Aulani, and Airport. (Please inquire for transportation details regarding locations not listed here.)

Luxury Charters includes round-trip transportation from any point on the island of Oahu, e.g., Private residence, Turtle Bay Resort, Kahala Resort, Ko'olina Resort area including Disney Aulani, Airport, etc.

• Narrative guide

• Episode clips and scene photos for viewing from the t.v. show, compared to some sights visited

• Complimentary dessertt (coco puff, a.k.a. profiterole) snack from the popular Liliha Bakery, which was used as the diner where Kate's mother worked from the tv series; and featured as a Doris McGarrett favorite.

Semi-Private tours are available to you and a small number of tour participants, which may provide some but not complete privacy.

• A Private Charter activity offers a dedicated guide and vehicle appropriate to the size of you and your invited guests.

Luxury Charter and Private Charter time periods may be altered upon request

Luxury Charter also Includes:

• Dedicated premium late model luxury vehicle appropriate to the size of you and your invited guests (A vehicle model type may be requested; based on fleet availability)

• Park access fees

• Complimentary choice of either a Hawaiian flowered leis or Kukui nut leis for members in your party

• A bottle water for each party member

Luxury Charter tours provide you and your invited guests a premium Private Charter experience.


• The state of Hawaii requires children under the age of four to ride in a child safety seat and children ages four through seven to ride in a child safety seat or a booster seat when traveling on a motor vehicle. Vehicles are generally not equipped with children safety seats or a booster seat; a nominal surcharge may apply for request or requirement for use of additional seating device.

• Children under the age of seven may participate on a Luxury Charter or Private Charter activity type.

• Pop-culture booking requests are set up by appointment only. All dates may be available and dependent on operational capacity, including but not limited to guide and vehicle availability.

Access to rainforest and coastal areas are dependent on surf conditions and seasonal weather rainfall amounts. Activity includes less than a mile of walking distance throughout the day.