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July 21 2018

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Oahu: LOST 2017 (Fan Exclusive Full-Day LOST Tour)

Fan Exclusive activity SALES CLOSED! Tour sales available until Friday, 8-Sept-2017.

Fan Exclusive booking requests are available by invitation only. Welcome LOST 2017 Fans!

This Fan Exclusive LOST Tour Operates on FRI, 6-OCT-2017; Sales Are Limited to Only This Day!

The following 'Fan Exclusive Promo Discount' to apply for early sales:

• Save 10% to the per person price from the 'Fan Exclusive' published rate when you finalize and secure a booking on or before Saturday, 31-December-2016.

• Save 5% to the per person price from the 'Fan Exclusive' published rate when you finalize and secure a booking between Sunday, 1-January-2017 thru Friday, 31-March-2017.

The 'Fan Exclusive Promo Discount' will not reflect online; the amount will be adjusted accordingly. Full Confirmation details will follow upon a successful submission of an online reservation order; the price rate will be adjusted according to the 'Promo Discount' that applies.

Explore "The Island" not quite as seen on TV, as you focus on your favorite castaways' histories both on and off-Island. This full-day Fan Exclusive tour will travel onto "The Island" to explore locations filmed on and around pristine coastal areas, breathtaking cliff formations, and isle valley-areas.

Upon our Waikiki departure, we drive along the south shore and continue our trek to the spectacular windward Oahu. This unique journey includes scenic vistas of Oahu's steep rocky bluffs for a stroll along an ocean cliff side featured in the Final Season 'Lighthouse' episode. Then pay our respects to characters who may or may not be gone at the 'Gathering Place.'

As we travel along the steep vertical slopes of Windward Oahu's famous Pali Cliffs, you'll be amazed at the beautiful east-facing coastline. Nestled at the base of the Pali Cliffs is the exotic backdrop for Sun and Jin's romance. Exceptional photo opportunities abound at this, and at every site of this full-day Fan exclusive tour. Afterwards, we head inland to a valley-area where exists many of "The Island" locations.

As on the Fan Exclusive half-day LOST tour, many of the locations we visit are settings of natural beauty or cultural and historical significance, in addition to playing a background role in the series.

To make your trip a special, one-of-a-kind experience, we offer this activity only as an exclusive tour for the Fans of "LOST 2017", so you can share your experience (and conspiracy theories) without "Others" listening in.

The "LOST 2017" full-day tour stops include:

• Sawyer's View of the Others' island / Lighthouse vista point (vista / lookout stop)

• Sun & Jin's Wedding Scene, a.k.a., Mr. Paik's Korean home (temple stop)

• Church 'Gathering Place' featured in Series Finale (chapel stop)

• Desmond's boat; Journey as Desmond follows Kelvin / Miles Para-Shoot Landing / Jack & 'The Man-in-Black' fight sequence in Series Finale (coastal stop)

• Kualoa Ranch (Ka'a'awa valley area stop)

LOST sites visited during the valley area, some of which include:

• Hurley's Golf Course (valley area)

• Hatch as seen in the 'Tempist'

• Valley area used during trek on 'island'

• Area where 'Jug-Head' stood (valley area)

• Hurley driving van on 'island' throughout valley area (valley area)

• Radio hill

• Military camp (valley area)

• And other LOST scenes, as well as many famous movie site locations (Ka'a'awa valley area)

• And "Other" surprises along the way, including an allotted time for a picnic host lunch.

Fan Exclusive Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from the Waikiki Fan Exclusive Host Hotel (Boarding time - outside Host Hotel - between: 6:35-6:58 AM)

• Lunch (beverage not included)

• Park Access Fees

• Narrative Tour during the Kualoa Ranch valley stop

Access to valley and coastal areas are dependent on surf conditions and seasonal weather rainfall amounts. Activity includes nearly 1.5 miles of walking distance throughout the day. The 'Vista/Lookout' stop includes 1 mile round trip walk over paved trail with an elevation climb of 675 feet. The 'Temple' stop includes less than a quarter mile walk over paved and light gravel areas.

Lunch Menu:

• Vegetarian Sandwich (whole wheat bread served with haas avocado, alfalfa sprouts, vine ripe tomato, romaine lettuce, Swiss and cheddar cheese)

• Chicken Wrap (breast of chicken served with Monterey Jack cheese, haas avocado, pico de gallo, romaine lettuce)

• Turkey Sandwich (whole wheat bread served with romaine lettuce, vine ripe tomato, Monterey Jack cheese)

• Roast Beef Sandwich (whole wheat bread served with romaine lettuce, vine ripe tomato, Monterey Jack cheese)

• Chicken Caesar Salad (fresh romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, herb garlic croutons and a creamy Ceasar dressing)

All Lunch selections include chips, condiments and napkins. Beverage not included

Lunch selections, inclusions and menu subject to change.

Cancellation Policy:

Specific to this Fan Exclusive activity, a Full refund may be issued if canceled with a minimum of 30-days (four weeks) advance notice from the event date and time. Reservations are non-cancelable, non-refundable and/or available for reschedule any time within 30-days (four weeks) from the event date and time.

Tours cancelled by the vendor will be refunded in full.

Booking Policy:

Specific to this Fan Exclusive activity, Fan Exclusive Tours are available to only registered LOST 2017 participants; tour sales available thru Friday, 8-Sept-2017.