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October 21 2018

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Oahu: LOST Paradise Quest (Full-Day LOST T.V. Show Tour)

This is a LOST version of an Oahu Circle Island Tour, with the kind of twist you can only see on TV! Together, guests and guide will trace the steps of your new favorite castaways from the hit show, from take-off to landing and beyond. Much like the series, you’ll find that the places you'll explore aren’t always what they appear to be.

Exclusive site locations featured only on this LOST trek include a Stream Crossing, Korean House - scene of Sun & Jin's Wedding (optional site) and Kualoa Ranch (optional site).

On this 7.5-hour full day activity, you’ll travel the world as we take you on a global journey from the backstories of ABC’s "Lost," covering locations and terrain that have doubled as Sydney Australia, Seoul Korea, Los Angeles California, small villages in the Middle East and Kenya, as well as "the island" in the Pacific where Oceanic Flight 815 crash landed. All on Oahu!

After a brief overview of filming sites in and around Waikiki, we trek around the island to a number of locations, including the crash site of the ill-fated trans-Pacific flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, Nigerian village scenes from Mr. Eko’s back-story (optional), Santa Rosa sanitarium scenes for Hugo's brief stay, exotic backdrops for Sun and Jin's romance, and many, many more! Including a rainforest and waterfall where characters are found swimming in a fresh waterfall pool (optional), exceptional photo opportunities abound at this, and at every site of this full-day tour.

As a result of Hawaii’s incredibly diverse ecosystem, the islands of Aloha have become known as "Hollywood’s Tropical Backlot," being the perfect backdrop for a variety of different environments — from arid desert to mountain pine forest, verdant grassland to majestic mountain terrain — in addition to the lush tropical rainforests and pristine sand beaches that Hawaii is known for.

In fact, all the locations we visit are settings of natural beauty, or cultural and historical significance, in addition to playing a role in the plot of the show. To make your trip a special, one-of-a-kind experience, you will be allotted time to sit-down for a non-host lunch at one of the locations, as well as beach time and souvenir shopping opportunities. We also offer an exclusive private tour for small groups, so you can share your experience (and conspiracy theories) without "Others" listening in.

"LOST" Paradise Quest circle island tour location site stops, most of which include:

• Crash site beach (coastal stop)

• Bamboo forest - Jack wakes-up after plane crash (rainforest stop)

• Island Compound (a.k.a. Dharmaville) *

• Sanitarium

• Banyan Tree - Kate hides from 'Smoke Monster' (rainforest area)

• England Scenes including London & Oxford University

• Stream Crossing rainforest & waterfall stop) [site exclusive to the LOST Paradise Quest circle island tour]

• Entrance to the Cave as seen in the Final Season “Lighthouse” (rainforest, stream and waterfall stop)

• Nigerian Plane Crash Site (rainforest area)

• Beach location used in every season - includes Sawyer being lead by 'The Man-In-Black' to view the 'Other' Island (beach stop)

• Polar Bear escape (rainforest stop)

In addition with the LOST site stops listed above, you choose from either Trek I or Trek II.

Trek I site stops (Trek I departure time is 8:30AM):

• Kate & Sawyer's Waterfall scene (rainforest & waterfall stop - includes optional swim in waterfall pool) *

• Korean House - scene of Sun & Jin's wedding (temple & retail opportunity stop) [site exclusive to the LOST Paradise Quest circle island tour] *

• Nigerian Village (retail opportunity stop)

Trek II site stops (Trek II departure time is 7:00AM):

• Kualoa Ranch [site exclusive to the LOST Paradise Quest circle island tour] *

LOST sites visited during this separate movie and tv set tour, some of which include:

• Hurley's Golf Course (valley area)

• Hatch as seen in the 'Tempist'

• Area where 'Jug-Head' stood (valley area)

• Valley area used during treks on 'island'

• Hurley driving van on 'island' throughout valley area

• Radio hill

• Military camp (valley area)

• And, many other LOST scenes, as well as movie site locations (Ka'a'awa valley area)

• There will be other surprises along the way on your circle island journey. As we plan to discuss with you 'Other' LOST film locations while traveling the island. The activity includes a non-host lunch stop at a Shrimp Truck in the ‘Australian Outback’ or an optional non-host lunch stop at a North Shore cafe with all food types available including vegetarian selections.

* = Separate Park Access Fee associated with stop, paid individually, if wish to visit and access site. Not applicable for Luxury Charters.


• Round-trip transportation from select areas within the Waikiki Resort area for a Semi-Private tour.

• A Private Charter activity includes round-trip transportation from the Waikiki Resort area and select areas on the island of Oahu, e.g., Kahala Resort, Ko'olina Resort area including Disney Aulani, and Airport. (Please inquire for transportation details regarding locations not listed here.)

Luxury Charters includes round-trip transportation from any point on the island of Oahu, e.g., Private residence, Turtle Bay Resort, Kahala Resort, Ko'olina Resort area including Disney Aulani, Airport, etc.

• Narrative guide

• Episode clips and scene photos for viewing from the t.v. show, compared to some sights visited

Semi-Private tours are available to you and a small number of tour participants, which may provide some but not complete privacy.

• A Private Charter activity offers a dedicated guide and vehicle appropriate to the size of you and your invited guests.

Luxury Charter and Private Charter time periods may be altered upon request

Luxury Charter also Includes:

• Dedicated premium late model luxury vehicle appropriate to the size of you and your invited guests (A vehicle model type may be requested; based on fleet availability)

• Park access fees

• Complimentary choice of either a Hawaiian flowered leis or Kukui nut leis for members in your party

• A bottle water for each party member

• Complimentary coco puff (a.k.a. profiterole) dessert snack from the popular Liliha Bakery, which was used as the diner where Kate's mother worked from the tv series

Luxury Charter tours provide you and your invited guests a premium Private Charter experience.


• The state of Hawaii requires children under the age of four to ride in a child safety seat and children ages four through seven to ride in a child safety seat or a booster seat when traveling on a motor vehicle. Vehicles are generally not equipped with children safety seats or a booster seat; a nominal surcharge may apply for request or requirement for use of additional seating device.

• Children under the age of seven may participate on a Luxury Charter or Private Charter activity type.

• LOST booking requests are set up by appointment only. All dates may be available and dependent on operational capacity, including but not limited to guide and vehicle availability.

Access to rainforest trails, coastal areas, and waterfall pool (re, Trek I) are dependent on surf conditions and seasonal weather rainfall amounts. Activity may include nearly 2 miles of walking distance throughout the day for Trek I or less than one mile of walking distance for Trek II. There is an earlier departure time for Trek II, generally 7 AM; whereas, Trek I will depart at 8:00 AM.