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October 23 2018

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Oahu Windward Rainforest & Waterfall Hike

Experience the tranquility of Hawaii’s rainforest on a half-day adventure to hidden waterfalls and ancient archaeological sites!

"A solid tour for small groups — they deliver a nice mix of cultural history, geology, and ecology"
—Travel With a Challenge Magazine™, Sept 2001

Giant ferns and lush rainforest plants surround you as waterfalls cascade down the majestic mountain cliffs towering above. Join us for a professionally guided nature hike through the cloud-misted Hawaiian rainforest deep in the Ko’olau mountain range.

Your adventure starts in the heart of a majestic valley, which in ancient times was reserved for Hawaiian royalty. View the verdant rainforest, learn about the unique history, legends, cultural sites, and Polynesian plant species used in ancient times. We’ll travel past the dramatic Ko’olau mountains, where you will marvel at distant waterfalls cascading down the majestic peaks, on the way to the world-famous Pali Lookout. At the Lookout you will have a chance to take in the panoramic vista of Windward Oahu, while learning about the famous battle of the Nu’uanu Pali that secured King Kamehameha’s sovereignty over the Hawaiian Islands.

Next we travel to the base of the spectacular Pali Cliffs and hike through a mountain rainforest on private property to a towering waterfall that is truly inspiring. Listen to the delicate songs of mountain birds while you enjoy this unique place. From this vantage point you can experience the beauty of the windward side, with an unparalleled view of the turquoise waters of Kaneohe Bay. An excellent place to relax and reflect on the unusual beauty of the Hawaiian rainforest, and to capture a memorable photo in front of the waterfall.

During the hike, your guide will point out the surrounding plant and bird species, ancient archaeological sites, describe Hawaii’s unique natural and cultural history, and will demonstrate how plants were used in Hawaiian culture. This tour is sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation!

Regular - Group Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from resort/condo in the Waikiki Resort area

• Park access fees

• Narrative guide

Exclusive - Private Charter Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from any Oahu island location

• Dedicated vehicle

• Park access fees

• Narrative guide

• Tour time periods may be altered upon request

• All dates available to an Exclusive booking, upon request

Restrictions for Participants:

• The state of Hawaii requires children under the age of four to ride in a child safety seat and children ages four through seven to ride in a child safety seat or a booster seat when traveling on a motor vehicle. Vehicles are generally not equipped with children safety seats or a booster seat; a nominal surcharge may apply for request or requirement for use of additional seating device.

Access to rainforest trails and waterfall viewing conditions is dependent on seasonal weather rainfall amounts. Activity includes about 2.5 miles of walking distance throughout the day.