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October 21 2018

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Oahu Sugar Trail Trek

On this cross-island trek, Hawaiian Escapades takes you back in time for a taste of life during Hawaii’s Plantation Era — traveling from Pearl Harbor to the North Shore via the Central Plain — with stops at what remains of Oahu’s glorious plantation days, "when Sugar was King."

As early as 1835, with the opening of its first sugar plantation, the Hawaiian Islands were becoming recognized worldwide as prime agricultural land for growing a variety of products, particularly sugar cane and pineapple. Remnants of this era can still be found around the island, including the worker camps at Waipahu, the pineapple fields of Wahiawa, and the sugar mill at Waialua.

Today, much of the land reserved for these crops has been reclaimed for diversified agriculture. In addition to pineapple, some of the agricultural products now successfully being grown on Oahu include coffee, tropical flowers, papaya, as well as many others.

Oahu Sugar Trail Trek tour stops include:

Hawaii’s Plantation Village — This outdoor museum showcases the lives and experiences of Hawaii’s multi-ethnic plantation workers. We tour furnished replicas and restored plantation homes and community buildings as well as an onsite museum displaying antiques and relics from this era.

Dole Plantation (optional stop, dependent on time restraints) — A brief stop at "Hawaii’s Complete Pineapple Experience" allows our guests the opportunity to view exhibits about pineapple and Dole’s history in Hawaii, as well as browse hundreds of pineapple-related and Dole-branded items.

Haleiwa - Lunch at a North Shore Shrimp Truck or comparable North Shore grill.

Waialua Sugar Mill — Once the heart of North Shore plantation life, the Waialua Sugar Mill is now home to Waialua Coffee and many other small businesses offering unique island products, including the North Shore Soap Factory, Island X, and on Saturday, the Waialua Farmer’s Market.

Regular - Group Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from resort/condo in the Waikiki Resort area

• Park access fees

• Plate-style lunch at a Shrimp Truck or comparable N. Shore Grill for alternate meat, fish or veggie selections

• Narrative guide

Exclusive - Private Charter Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from any Oahu island location

• Dedicated vehicle

• Park access fees

• Plate-style lunch at a Shrimp Truck or comparable N. Shore Grill for alternate meat, fish or veggie selections

• Choice of soda, tea or water at lunch

• Narrative guide

• Tour time periods may be altered upon request

Activity includes about 1 mile of walking distance throughout the day.