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September 19 2018

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Oahu Ghost Hunt

Promising Hawaiian-style “chicken skin,” this spirited journey with Hawaiian Escapades takes guests on an exploration of one of Hawaii’s best-kept secrets: We’re one of the most haunted states in the US. We take our guests to locations of documented hauntings, share the hidden history, chilling facts, and darker folklore surrounding Oahu’s most well-known sights, and explore methods that modern-day ghost hunters use to uncover any truths behind the mysteries and myths.

Between battles — both pre-Hawaiian Kingdom and post WWII, contemporary buildings built on ancient burial grounds, modern freeways following along the paths of ghostly Night Marchers, and forgotten places of human sacrifice amid the metropolitan sprawl of Honolulu, Oahu boasts more than its fair share of ancient legends and haunted places.

After pick-ups in Waikiki, we drive to a site of a sacrificial heiau. A brief stop at this location — which is more recently the site of a tragic school bus accident — we continue to a place referred to as "Quarantine Island" to reveal the secret ceremonies that make this such a haunted location.

Following views of Pearl Harbor we continue to the Windward side of Oahu, via a highway said to have been built over ancient Hawaiian burial grounds. Delays caused by ghost sightings resulted in highway construction lasting seven years. Workers digging through the Ko’olau Mountains unearthed skulls and bones, and it is said that the cries of old Hawaiian warriors can be heard in the resulting tunnels.

On the Windward side we stop at another sacred heiau, believed to have been built by the Menehune, and a site of human sacrifice. The marsh upon which the heiau is built is also considered the home of the earth goddess Haumea where you will learn about the goddess’ daughters who can transform into lizards.

We continue our journey back to the Nu’uanu valley, up the Pali Highway past the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout where Kamehameha the Great’s army drove the defenders of Oahu over its cliffs and to their deaths. Once back in town, we continue with a walking tour of the Downtown, where ancient Night Marchers, restless turn-of-the-last-century spirits, and modern-day ghosts mingle with locals and tourists alike on the streets of Honolulu.

We conclude at the Royal Mausoleum where the spirits of Hawaii’s monarchs are said to sit across the branches of a large tree guarding the front gates. A final brief stop at Punchbowl Hill, you will learn about why this location is also known as the "hill of sacrifice."

Certainly, an exciting activity for the modern-day ghost hunter to uncover any truths behind the mysteries and myths of known documented Hawaiian hauntings.

Regular - Group Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from resort/condo in the Waikiki Resort area

• Park access fees

• Narrative guide

• Flashlight

Exclusive - Private Charter Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from any Oahu island location

• Dedicated vehicle

• Park access fees

• Narrative guide

• Flashlight

• Time periods may be altered upon request