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September 19 2018

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Oahu Multi-Waterfall Walk

On this tour we take you on a journey to explore one Oahu’s most magnificent natural features, Mänoa Falls. This remarkable 200-foot tall tropical waterfall is the tallest accessible waterfall on Oahu — its spectacular natural beauty defies the imagination. The trail has been used to film scenes for many movies including Spielberg’s "Lost World", and for episodes of the television show "Lost".

This 1.6 mile R/T hike will take you through the misty Mänoa Valley rainforest. The trail winds through lush ferns and a mysterious bamboo forest. Dramatic rainbows are often seen along the verdant forested cliffs that border this unique valley. The chatter of tropical birdsong permeates the air as you hike under the towering rainforest canopy.

A myriad of smaller pools and waterfalls are visible along the trail as you approach the cascading waters of Mänoa Falls. Take some time to relax and snap a few photos at the waterfall, while our guides present an interesting narrative about the plants and animals that inhabit this interesting ecosystem. If we’re lucky, we may even spot the vibrant yellow amakihi, one of the few surviving endemic birds in Hawaii.

A short drive and walk later takes us on a rainforest trail along part of the Nu’uanu stream leading to a hidden waterfall, where you will view ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs (rock carvings) and learn the legend of Kaupe, the ancient guardian spirit that is said to protect travelers at this unique place.

Finally, we venture to a picturesque botanical garden, where you will learn about endemic Hawaiian plant species on the grounds of this former Hawaiian Monarch’s property near a scenic waterfall.

Regular - Group Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from resort/condo in the Waikiki Resort area

• Park access fees

• Narrative guide

Exclusive - Private Charter Price Includes:

• Round-trip transportation from any Oahu island location

• Dedicated vehicle

• Park access fees

• Narrative guide

• Tour time periods may be altered upon request

• All dates available to an Exclusive booking, upon request

Restrictions for Participants:

• The state of Hawaii requires children under the age of four to ride in a child safety seat and children ages four through seven to ride in a child safety seat or a booster seat when traveling on a motor vehicle. Vehicles are generally not equipped with children safety seats or a booster seat; a nominal surcharge may apply for request or requirement for use of additional seating device.

Access to rainforest trails and waterfall viewing conditions is dependent on seasonal weather rainfall amounts. Activity includes about 2 miles of walking distance throughout the day.